Wax Worms For Sale – Quantity 250




Wax Worms For Sale – Quantity 250

PRIORITY MAIL WARNING: If you choose to use priority mail to ship your order note that USPS, due to volume, is currently missing scanning up to 30% of all mail. This means that you may not see anything past “Label Created” the entire time your package is on route to you. Also note that packages have been taking between 2 to 14 days to arrive. We make zero guarantees on delivery for live feeders ordered via USPS and there are no refunds or credits provided under any circumstances. We advise you to do an overnight upgrade if you want the live feeder guarantee on your order.

Wax worms are a fantastic food for providing both nutritional and dietetic diversity.
Wax worms are a creamy white colored, grub type soft bodied larvae of the greater bee moth.

Wax Worm Care:
Stored at 55°-60°F waxworms keep well for a month or two
Worms will spin webbing through the bedding so simply pick out the worms you would like to feed to your reptile. Use large worms first before they pupate.

Basic Analysis:
Moisture 62.6%; Protein 15.8%; Fat 20.4%; Ash 0.8%; Other 0.4%

Wax Worms For Sale – Quantity 250


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