Green Tree Pythons

Green Tree Python

Green tree pythons (also known as Chondro pythons) are the dream of many reptile enthusiasts. They are one of the most impressive snake species known to the pet trade. A true gem of the rainforest. Chondropythons are arboreal (arboreal) and nocturnal (active at night), making this species very difficult to find in the wild and very valuable. As the name suggests, this species is predominantly green, although some individuals are blue or yellow with white, black, and yellow spots. Babies are born yellow or red with white and black spots. The species is native to New Guinea and its surrounding islands, from the south of the Cape York Peninsula to the northern tip of Australia.

Advances in the reptile industry have made it easier and easier to keep this snake. Old tales of how difficult it was to keep this snake alive have been cast aside. With enough time, effort and money, maintaining this breed is easy and incredibly exciting. In my opinion, one of the main reasons they are so easy to care for is that the captive babies available today are captive-bred babies from multiple generations of captive-bred babies. Yes, and therefore better suited to a captive environment. This care article explains exactly how this is possible. housing

Green tree python for sale

In general, when we keep snakes, we want to be able to see them from outside the enclosure in the most natural environment possible. The realistic environment is visually appealing and contributes to the overall health of the snake. If your snake likes its environment, it will have a better feeding response and generally grow faster.Large terrariums also bring more interest to your snake’s life, adding branches and other natural objects. This can improve the snake’s quality of life and prevent lethargy and overweight.

Green tree pythons for sale

For an adult green tree python, a 90 cm long x 60 cm wide x 60 cm high vivarium is sufficient. Many keepers prefer a 60cm cube vivarium, or a vivarium that is more vertical than horizontal. I don’t think it really matters what shape you use as long as it’s at least 60 cm cubic yards. Green Tree Pythons are very shy and need to feel safe at all times. Enclosures that are too large may frighten the snakes, but enclosures that are too small do not allow sufficient exercise and are not easy to achieve the proper temperature and humidity gradients. need to do it. A 30 cm cube is just the right size. As they grow, so should their enclosure.

Snake enclosures can be made from a variety of materials. The most common is melamine-finished wood covering all sides except the front, which has a sliding glass door. Aquarium available

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