Chameleons for Sale

Chameleons for Sale

These lizards are actually astounding due to their intentional rhythmic movement and the ability to catch insects with tongues that are twice as long as their bodies. We exclusively sell very healthy chameleons, including both imported and captive-bred types.

We offer a 7-day live arrival guarantee with every chameleon purchase. We’ve also put together a great chameleon care guide based on our years of exceptional experience with these lizards.

Don’t forget to purchase some Miner-All calcium powder for your chameleon; it is the only calcium supplement available that is of human-grade, and we only use it with all of our breeding endeavors.


We guarantee our animals to be alive, healthy, and to your satisfaction when you receive them, and three days after! Please read our full animal guarantee for further details.

This animal list is updated every single day, multiple times a day!

Unmistakable and unique, chameleons are perhaps the most beautiful lizards in the world. We stock a wide variety of chameleon species, with something for nearly every level of reptile-keeping experience.

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