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Iguana for Sale – Pet iguana for sale

Iguana for sale. The menu below shows our exotic iguanas for sale. Unquestionably some of the most visually impressive reptiles in the world, they can also become very tolerable of human interaction. These tropical lizards are almost entirely herbivorous, meaning you can raise them on fruits and vegetables. If you buy an iguana from us, you receive a live arrival guarantee.

Blue iguana for sale – Green iguana for sale

Iguanas can reach up to 6 feet in length. Some young iguanas are bright green, which helps them camouflage their bodies among the green foliage of the rainforest.Iguanas come in many different color variations, including red and blue.

– Your dewrap is being used as an expression of aggression or communication. The iguana spreads its dew to make it look bigger and moves its head up and down.
-Keep adult male iguanas separate and do not mix different species of reptiles
– diurnal – awake during the day, sleeping at night
– Environment: Treehouse
– Diet: Herbivore
– Maximum height: 6 feet
– Lifespan: 15 years

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