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Shop our online store’s huge selection of rare and exotic reptiles for sale. You can buy live snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, turtles, tortoises, alligators, scorpions, tarantulas, and feeders, all at unbeatable prices with 100% live Arrival guarantee.

Reptiles for Sale - Buy Exotic Reptiles Online

We offer exotic reptiles for sale online at absolute rock-bottom prices, which means we make these fascinating animals available to you affordably as pets, or even to start your own reptile breeding project. We are reptile enthusiasts who believe captive breeding is integral to the future of the market, as it not only helps protect wild herp populations, but is an incredibly rewarding experience that tends to intensify one’s passion for these amazing prehistoric creatures. Whether you buy a snake, lizard, turtle, tortoise, or alligator, we are driven to provide the highest quality live reptiles for sale.

Shop our online store’s huge selection of rare and exotic reptiles for sale. You can buy live snakes, lizards, frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, turtles, tortoises, alligators, scorpions, tarantulas, and feeders, all at unbeatable prices.

All of our reptiles have an ironclad live arrival guarantee, as do all amphibian, tarantula, scorpion, and feeder orders. Plus, when you buy a reptile from us (or any live animal), you can trust it will safely be delivered to your doorstep.

Shop From our Exclusive Selection Of Exotic Reptiles For Sale

Quality Reptiles & Reptile Supplies delivered to your door! View our large selection of pet reptiles for sale including snakes, lizards and turtles at our online reptile specialty store. All of our pet reptiles for sale have fast shipping at the lowest rates possible. 20+ combined years of shipping experience. Our Pro Shipping team gives 100% attention to every shipment. We use industry grade reinforced insulated cardboard containers with heating and cooling elements as needed to ensure the live arrival of your reptiles.

High Quality Pet Reptiles For Sale Online

Our team gets one-on-one time with all of our reptile pets to get to know each of them. This ensures our trust in our premium cherry picked stock. We supply a variety of healthy reptiles like snakes, lizards, and turtles.

A reptile specialty shop brought directly into your hands. Removing the hassle from driving out of your way or dealing with any local restrictions. You can have all of your pet reptile  for sale delivered straight to your door with products that we trust and use ourselves. We offer free shipping on reptile supplies when ordering a new reptile pet.

Captive Bred Reptiles For Sale from the best reptile Breeders

Largest selection of captive bred reptiles for sale from breeders including pythons, boas, colubrids, lizards, geckos, amphibians and inverts.Your online reptile store with over 500 species of live reptiles for sale, including lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles, and tortoises.

Here at our online shop, it is our goal to provide two things. First, is that we will always have some of the best prices you can find online. We always make an effort to price our animals and products in an accessible manner for all customers. We are certain you can find something within your budget. Second, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our commitment to following your order from purchase to delivery. We treat each order as if it were our own and make sure all goes well up to the point that your order is delivered. 

Monitor Lizards for Sale
Pet Reptiles For Sale

Your online reptile store with over 500 species of live reptiles for sale, including lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles, and tortoises. Providing the best selection of exotic reptiles, amphibians, inverts, mammals and more.

Buy Reptile Pets Online at Discount Prices with Fast Shipping

Are you an online shopper researching reptiles for sale? If so, you may have just stumbled upon the perfect site. Raising, breeding and offering reptiles for sale to the public is what we have focused on for nearly three decades. As you browse our site you will realize why we are one of the top sites on the Internet. We have become known as an industry leader when it comes to quality reptiles and reptile supplies. Finding quality reptiles for sale is only the first step in your search for the perfect exotic pet. Now that you have found us you will be happy to know we offer a live arrival guarantee, our animals are healthy, pest free, and properly sexed.

Exotic Reptiles for Sale Online

We have combined 25 years of reptile husbandry and breeding expertise to put together a fantastic array of exotic reptiles for sale. This includes several species of snakeslizards, and tortoises. We also have a large selection of ball pythons and boas as well as many other reptile species that are sourced daily from some of the best breeders around the country and the world. BW Reptiles strives to offer quality animals at the lowest prices online to the public combined with the lowest possible shipping rate in the business.

BW incorporates the latest technology to bring you a pleasant and secure online reptile shopping experience. Our mission is to bring our customers exotic reptiles for sale online and become the premier online reptile store. We plan on achieving this by treating our animals as well as we treat our customers, with patience and care. We strive to bring you excellent quality, outstanding service and a large selection of exotic reptile pets and reptile supplies.

An Online Reptile Store that is Secure and Easy to Use

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Our online reptile store was developed with you the user in mind. We developed our site to aid our customers in finding and purchasing products fast and easy.  With technology advancements, we understand that to buy reptiles online shoppers need to have an enjoyable shopping experience. This experience must span across mobile devices, tablets as well as laptops.

Backwaters is responsive across mobile devices to ensure shoppers have an easy and enjoyable online shopping experience. Our online reptile store is secured with an SSL Certificate (Secured Socket Layer) to protect your information. Our easy to use one-page checkout is convenient, secure and safe. These layers of security and payment features aid our customers feeling secure.  Shoppers can pay securely with  PayPal and even a pay over time option. This leave our customers feeling safe and confident about their purchases with us.



Great company had on of the pets I ordered didn't make the shipping and they replaced it with no issue the next order I place every animal I ordered came alive and strong.... Will be order more in the future with this company....
Micheal Robinson
I have had two transactions with Backwaters Reptiles. My experience both transactions were nothing less than a 10/10. I also sent a lengthy email one night and the next morning I received a response answering my questions! They were nice, professional and patient with me. I would recommend them.
Luis Carlos
So satisfying when your order comes the very next day! All 3 babies were safe and sound. They are very happy in there new tank. Thank you so much for the tmnt gang(: Also great customer service!
Jacob P
Very happy with our purchase from UGR. Turtle arrived healthy, safe and was in best packaging we've seen to date for reptiles. Transaction was smooth and they are very responsive and keep you updated through the whole process. Highly recommend!
Kristy L
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Our Reptiles for Sale  Across the United States

We negotiated one of the lowest possible shipping rates available within our industry and pass those savings on to you, our loyal customers.We utilize FedEx as our overnight shipping carrier for our live reptile pet deliveries. By using reinforced insulated cardboard containers with heating and cooling elements as needed we ensure the live arrival of your new reptile pet. When possible, your reptile supplies will accompany your reptile pet purchase. When not possible, they will be shipped simultaneously via USPS. Our reptiles for sale and reptile supplies ship across the U.S. based on each states’ animal welfare laws. Note: we do not ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii. We do not ship to P.O. boxes.

Largest Selection of Reptiles & Supplies on the Web!

Reptile supplies and exotic reptiles are what we specialize in here at BW Reptile. We are dedicated to bringing you top quality service, great selection and guaranteed low prices. Quantity buying allows us to sell our vast selection of REPTILE SUPPLIES at unbelievably low prices. We also offer REPTILES and other exotic animals from around the world.

Reptiles for sale
Reptiles for sale
Reptiles for sale
Reptiles for sale

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