Ultramel Anery Tessera Corn Snakes for Sale


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Ultramel Anery Tessera Corn Snakes for Sale

Ultramel Anery Tessera Corn Snakes for Sale. Corn snakes are easy to care for and have one of the best temperaments of any snake species making them the most popular snake in the pet industry.

  • Captive Bred Corn Snakes (as opposed to wild caught) have one of the best temperaments. At Undergroundreptileshub, we carry only Captive Bred Corn Snakes.
  • Approximate sizes: Babies – 11 to 14 inches. Reaches full adult size of 3 to 5 feet in approximately 18 months.
  • Long lived – average of 15 to 20 years in captivity.
  • Great snake species for kids and adults – most popular snake in the pet industry.
  • Handles extremely well after acclimation.
  • Rarely bite and if they do they don’t inflict serious harm.
  • Unless otherwise noted, picture and video shown are a representation of this animal. As this is a live animal, there will be aesthetic variations.

All Snakes Are Captive Bred Unless Otherwise Noted

Corn Snakes

Corn Snakes are the original best pet snake. We have a gorgeous variety of corn snakes for sale at great prices. All of ours feed on live a minimum of 5 times before shipping. Corn Snakes make great breeding projects or pets. All of Snakes at Sunset‘s corn snakes for sale are top quality, captive -bred animals. We have probably the largest in stock selection of Corn Snakes anywhere!

Corn Snakes originally come from Eastern United States, and many first time snake keepers probably had a corn snake they found as a first pet. Its always recommended to leave wild snakes alone! Buying a corn snake that is captive bred will be much more enjoyable, and easier to maintain then a wild caught corn snake.

Corn Snakes For Sale

They are usually late afternoon, night time travelers, so if you set up a very low light in a room, you may be able to observe them explore their habitat at night hunting. Super cool to watch. We like to give them branches to climb on as baby corn snakes love to climb.

We maintain our corn snakes at about 80-82f on the cool side , and about 88-90f on the warm side to help digestion. The Corn snakes for sale are all captive bred, and domestic raised. Corn Snakes come in soooo many colors. We feed them once a week, and are offered for sale at a minimum of 5 feedings with no skips. A mouse as thick as the thickest part of their body is great. A slight lump is all you need to see. Once the lump is gone after 4-5 feedings, then you can move up to the next size mouse.

Ultramel Anery Tessera Corn Snakes for Sale


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