Coastal Carpet X Diamond Pythons



Coastal Carpet X Diamond Pythons

  • Phenomenal snake species for beginner-to-intermediate hobbyists
  • Sturdy & long lived (More than 30 years in captivity)

  • Requires a relatively simple setup from 40 to 75 gallons
  • Reaches full adult size of 5 to 7 feet in approximately 36 months
  • Main staple diet of mice & rats are easily obtained

All Snakes Are Captive Bred Unless Otherwise Noted

Toxicity: Non-venomous, although does have relatively large backwards slanting fangs that can cause deep puncture wounds.


Classic large, heavy python body with distinct head. Patterns can vary in colour from shades of grey (most common in the Tweed) to brown. Underside is a creamy white. Can grow to over 3 metres in length and approximately 15kg in weight (snake shown in banner at top of page weighed 14kg), although snakes of this size are not common. Carpet pythons come equipped with pits along the upper and lower jaw that allow them to detect animals via infra-red heat.

The Coastal Carpet Python is often confused for the Diamond Python (Morelia spilota spilota), which is a sub species of Carpet Python common along the NSW coast south of Port MacQuarrie. The Diamond Python has distinctively different markings to the Coastal Carpet Python (see photo at bottom of page). Coastal Carpet Pythons and Diamond Pythons have interbred where their territories overlap.

General habits: Coastal Carpet X Diamond Pythons

The Coastal Carpet Python is a strong climber, equally encountered on the ground, in trees, curled up along rafters or in roofs. It is a nocturnal ambush hunter that can also be active during the day. Coastal Carpet Pythons have a rapid strike which is followed by wrapping the body around the prey and constricting. Their skulls are loosely articulated which allows them to swallow prey that may seem impossibly large. Having consumed prey, the snake will find a sheltered position to digest the meal over many days. It is common each year to relocate a snake that has gained access to a bird cage and then is unable to get back out through the cage mesh with it’s meal.

Diet: Lizards, frogs, mice, rats, small birds – working up to possum sized mammals as the snake grows. Snakes capable of killing and eating a possum are also capable of tackling domestic cats. I have relocated Coastal Carpet Pythons that have eaten chickens, rabbits and even a ferret.

Coastal Carpet X Diamond Pythons


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