Albino Rosy Boas for Sale


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Albino Rosy Boas for Sale

  • Average size shipped varies.
  • Captive bred boas are usually quite tame and docile making them a popular snake.
  • Sturdy and long lived – average 15 years+ in captivity.
  • Require a relatively simple setup, 36″ x 18″ x 13″ or larger.
  • Reaches full adult size of typically 5 to 6 feet.
  • Main staple diet of mice is easily obtained.

All Snakes Are Captive Bred Unless Otherwise Noted

DESCRIPTION: We have beautiful Captive Bred and Born Albino Rosy Boas. Albino Rosy Boas do not get as large as other snake species so they do not require large terrariums as many other boas do.

MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: Average 3′ – 4′

DIET: Live or frozen thawed fuzzy mice. Frozen fuzzies are available in our Food and Feeders Section.

HABITAT: Provide a substrate of aspen or wood mulch at least 2” deep. A small, heavy bowl of fresh water and shelter, such as a hollow log or concave rock or plastic “cave” are the three essential pieces of cage furniture. A hot spot of almost 90F should be provided at one end. Climbing branches may be appreciated, especially with smaller boas. Mist if shedding problems occur.

ORIGIN: Captive Born

Albino Rosy Boas for Sale

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