Reptile Facts

Exotic Reptiles: 5 Best Pet Lizards & Snakes 

Lizards and snakes are part of a vast order of reptiles known as Squamata. These types of reptiles represent the most numerous and diverse group amongst this animal class with nearly 11,000 living species. If you’re trying to pick just one as your next potential pet, the options are so numerous that they could be overwhelming. This guide […]

What kind of snakes can you have as a pet?

Snakes of all kinds are extremely popular in the exotic pet world, and for good reason. They are relatively low maintenance (with minimal feeding requirements compared to many other animals), come in a variety of beautiful colors/morphs, and don’t typically require the constant attention demanded by a dog or cat. With that being said, there […]

How much is a corn snake?

Corn snakes (also known as pantherophis guttatus) are a constrictor that inhabits the southeast US. While they are primarily arboreal in their search for food, preferring to feed on small rodents and lizards, they do occasionally explore other structures in their environment. Because of their smaller size, more relaxed disposition, and beautiful coloration, they make […]

Corn snake vs ball python – Which pet snake is better for beginners?

Within recent years, there have been two types of snakes that have gained massive popularity in the pet world. These would be the corn snake and the ball python. Naturally, you may be considering acquiring one of these brilliant reptiles to add to your home. However, you may still have some questions on what owning […]

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