How much does shipping cost?

Reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions are all shipped via overnight delivery to your doorstep for a flat $59.99 regardless of how many animals are on your order. For example, if you order one iguana the shipping cost is $49.99, and if you order 100 iguanas the shipping cost is still just $49.99. The quantity, weight, and species of animal is irrelevant.

When will my animal(s) ship?

You are able to pick which day you would like your animal(s) shipped on the checkout page. You are able to schedule your animal to ship up to 5 days ahead of time. No matter what date you pick, your shipment will still be sent Next Day Air.

What time will my animal(s) be delivered?

All live, non-venomous reptiles ship via UPS Next Day Air on the shipping date that you select on the checkout page. Most shipments are delivered before 12PM but your exact delivery time will depend on your local delivery route. All live animal shipments require a signature upon delivery. There will need to be an adult present to sign for the shipment when it arrives. It will not be left unattended.

What is the guarantee on my animal?

We guarantee live, visibly healthy arrival on all of the animals we ship. If there is any issue with any of the animals you receive please contact us immediately at Sales@backwatersreptiles.com or use this link to report an issue:

When will I get a tracking number?

You will receive a tracking number for your shipment on the evening of your ship date. This tracking number will be sent via email between 5PM and 9PM Eastern Standard Time on your shipping date. You will be able to track your shipment by clicking on the link in this email. 

How do venomous reptiles ship?

All venomous reptiles are shipped with Delta airlines to your closest airport. The are double containerized and shipped in a sealed hot box container.

Why can’t you guarantee the sex of the animal(s)?

Babies are usually impossible to sex accurately (with the exception of snakes). Determining the gender of juvenile animals is at times difficult, but not impossible. Adult animals are much easier to delineate, but still not 100% (again, with the exception of snakes). We have experts making the call, but we still cannot absolutely guarantee the results.

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