How Much Does a Ball Python Cost

How Much Does a Ball Python Cost

How Much Does a Ball Python Cost

Are you captivated by the allure of owning a ball python? With their mesmerizing patterns and calm demeanor, these gentle reptiles have become a sought-after choice for snake enthusiasts and pet lovers alike.  And if you’re wondering how much does a ball python cost, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 

When searching for ball pythons, you’ll encounter a wide range of prices, starting from as low as $65 to well over $450. The price of a ball python primarily depends on its morph, which refers to its unique color and pattern variations. 

In this guide, we will equip you with everything you need to know before embarking on your scaly adventure! Not only will we explore the fascinating world of ball pythons for sale, but we’ll also unravel the key factors that shape their varying costs. From morphs to genetics, we’ll break down the elements that shape the price tag, allowing you to navigate the market confidently.

Ball Python Types: How Much Does a Ball Python Cost?

If you’re on the prowl for a ball python, you may be wondering just how much does a ball python cost. The answer is that it depends on which type of ball python you are looking to buy. 

There’s a range of different types and morphs out there – from the standard balls to fireballs, albinos, and more. Morphs are the result of selective breeding, and the rarer and more visually appealing the morph, the higher the price tag. 

Here are a few unique snakes and different price tags associated with them. Read on to discover which one suits your wallet the best.

Ball Python MorphsCost
Yellow Belly Ball Python$65-$75
Enchi Ball Python$65-$75
Ivory Ball Python$245-$255
Pied Ball Python$395-$405
Black Eyed Leucistic Ball Python$445-$455
Note: Current market prices will change with time.

Yellow Belly Ball Python

The yellow-belly ball python is a beautiful snake with a yellow underbelly and intricate markings on its back. These snakes are members of the royal python regius family. This means they have a regal presence and are known for their ability to roll into a ball when threatened. 

This breed is known for its ability to make other striking combinations like the Puma ball, the Ivory ball and the Superstripe ball. 

And if you’re wondering how much all of this exotic beauty will cost you, fear not! You can get a yellow-belly ball python for just $69. So why not add a little royal flair to your life?

Enchi Ball Python

The Enchi morph is a co-dominant mutation that was first proven in 2002, and it’s known for its subtle color and pattern changes. 

Enchi ball pythons have a dark brown or black background color on their backs with a rich yellow tone around their side. Additionally, their beautiful appearance and easygoing nature have gained popularity among reptile keepers. 

Moreover, what makes them popular are their yellow, golden, or bronze patterns that are brighter and sometimes surrounded by white markings. If you’re wondering how much they cost, the good news is that they’re quite affordable – only $69 can get you one of these morphs. 

Ivory Ball Python

The Ivory ball python is a beautiful and peaceful combination of the yellow belly python. Native to West Africa, this ball python features stunning beige and peach colors with hints of orange, yellow, and purple in their dorsal stripes. 

They become solid white with black eyes, a light dorsal stripe, and a light crown as they grow. These snakes are aesthetically pleasing and make ideal pets for first-time snake owners, especially children aged six and above. 

Moreover, with minimal care required, kids can easily learn how to take care of them under adult supervision. Its affordability, with a cost of around $249, adds to its appeal in the snake market.

Pied Ball Python

Have you ever seen a snake with a cloud-like pattern on its skin? That’s the pied ball python for you! These pythons have an unusual and distinctive look, with large white patches amongst their brown spotted or striped skin. 

They come from the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa but are becoming an increasingly popular pet choice amongst snake enthusiasts. Their docile temperament and easy-to-handle nature make them perfect for new snake owners. 

At this point you no longer need to worry about how much does a ball python cost because this pied ball python costs around $399. But trust us; it’s worth it to own one of the coolest snakes on the planet!

Black Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

What does leucistic mean? In short leucism is the loss of pigmentation in an animal’s scales, skin, or feathers. This results in pale, white or patchy coloration in the scales, skin or feathers.

The black-eyed leucistic ball python is a beautiful snake that is known for its striking white scales and dark black eyes. 

Popular among snake enthusiasts, this breed is relatively easy to care for, making it a great choice for beginner snake owners. Interestingly, this breed results from breeding fires or flames together, which produces a unique genetic makeup. 

Also, the black-eyed leucistic is identical to the blue-eyed leucistic, with the exception of their eye color. Moreover, the price for a black-eyed leucistic ball python is $449. It may seem steep, but their beauty, docility, and manageable size make them well worth the investment. 

Factors That Impact Ball Python Prices 

Morphs and Genetic Traits

When purchasing a ball python morphs for sale, one of the biggest factors affecting its cost is its type and genetic traits.  

Morphs are specific physical characteristics, like colors and patterns, that distinguish one snake from another. Genetic traits, on the other hand, are hereditary qualities passed down from the parents. These two factors can greatly impact the price of a ball python. 

For example, a rare morph like the axanthic pied can cost several thousands of dollars. In contrast, a more common ball python, like the normal or wild type, will be far less expensive. The same goes for genetic traits, where recessive traits like the albino or clown can add hundreds to the cost.

Age and Size

Factors like age and size greatly influence how much a ball python costs. Older and larger ball pythons are typically more expensive. This is due to the time and resources it takes to raise them. 

Following are the price ranges for various ball pythons on the basis of age:

  • Hatching ball python: $50-$150 
  • Juvenile python(1-3 years old): $150-$400
  • Adult ball pythons: $250 to $1,500

The breeding history, size, and gender may make these costs vary. Adult female ball python morphs generally cost more, ranging from $800-$1000, while males cost less, around $400-$600. 

Sometimes, a ball python’s size and age can even determine the snake’s availability and desirability. A larger ball python may be more sought after for breeding purposes. This might make them even more expensive than a normal adult ball python of the same age. 

Ball Pythons: A Buyer’s Guide

Diet and Nutrition 

Your ball python’s diet can also add to the cost of keeping a ball python. Ball Pythons can survive solely on rats and mice, but they also enjoy trying out new species, such as birds or small mammals. 

And as your ball python grows into an adult, its feeding schedule changes. Younger ball pythons need to eat every five days, while the older ones usually eat once every week or two. Also, adult ball pythons can be fed large meals but less frequently. 

So, how much should you expect to invest in your ball python’s diet? Feeding a ball python costs around $100-$180 per year, or roughly $0.30 to $0.50 per day and $9 to $15 per month. This cost, however, will vary depending on the frequency of meals and your chosen rodents.


Are you wondering how to accommodate your adorable ball python pet properly? The size of the enclosure will depend primarily on the size of your snake. Typically, juveniles measuring under 3 feet can live comfortably within a 40-gallon cage measuring around 36″ x 18″ x 18″. 

However, as they grow older and reach the 3-feet mark, you’ll need to provide a 75-gallon enclosure (48″ x 24″ x 24″) or larger. While adults can survive in a 20-gallon space, it’s best not to skimp on roominess. 

A ball python cage can cost anywhere from $70 to $450, based on the size and make. It’s important to remember that the cost can significantly impact your snake’s experiences. It may also positively impact their behavior and health. So investing as much as possible in their enclosure is worth it. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the cost of a ball python is totally worth it! Not only can you have an amazing pet, but there are countless options for personalizing your python to suit your preferences. Moreover, from decorations and heating sources to bedding materials for their enclosure, you have many choices at different price points. 

Thinking of how much does a ball python cost is an important factor. However, if you want a friendly reptile with stunning colors, it’s definitely worthwhile investing in a ball python. 

Whether you are new to owning reptiles or a seasoned fan of these special animals, a ball python makes for an awe-inspiring companion. Plus, they bring joy to those who care for them and remind us all that beauty comes in many colors!

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