2023 Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Reptile Lovers

2023 Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Reptile Lovers

2023 Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Reptile Lovers

The holiday season is fast approaching but fortunately, finding the perfect Christmas gifts for reptile lovers has never been easier. Look no further than this handy guide. You’ll learn about the most coveted reptiles in the trade along with always-needed accessories. The herper in your life will certainly thank you. 

5 Great Christmas Gifts for Reptile Lovers

1. Snakes

Reptiles are like potato chips–you can’t just have one. Do you know someone who already owns a cold-blooded creature? Then you know someone who would no doubt be delighted to add a scaly, legless beauty to their menagerie. Not just because snakes are wickedly cool animals, however. Snakes are also astonishingly low-maintenance pets (which is one of their many appealing aspects). You can rest assured that you’re not accidentally gifting someone a present that’s a chore, rather than a score. 

The only hard decision that comes with giving a snake as a Christmas gift is deciding which kind to get. If you’re not familiar with the world of exotic pets, the vast number of available snake species can seem daunting. The decision can still be challenging even for experienced herpers. When in doubt here are some great picks guaranteed to be a hit:

Not only are these species tons of fun to own but they’re also appropriate for beginners. All of these species would make a great gift for reptile lovers of all levels.

2. Lizards

Another great option for the reptile-lover in your life: lizards. Quirky, cute, and typically more intelligent, lizards offer big personalities in (sometimes) tiny packages. They make for an entertaining bunch and tend to be more active than your average snake. The latter can be likened to a beautiful piece of living–but rarely moving–art. Lizards on the other hand are inquisitive creatures that offer the rare opportunity to form a genuine bond with a cold-blooded animal. 

But pinning down a type of lizard to give as a gift is a tall order. As the most diverse group of animals within the reptile class (there are over 6,000 species of them on the planet), it goes without saying that there are a lot of lizard options to choose from. You can’t go wrong with the most popular pet lizard species. Beloved by beginners and the experienced alike, bearded dragons and skinks are always in high demand. 

3. Tortoises 

Want a gift that is sure to make an impression? A tortoise is just the ticket. Adorable as babies, and then fun and sweet as adults, tortoises make wonderful long-term companions for decades to come. One of the most popular and widely kept species, the Sulcata, is a gentle giant that is great for beginners. They enjoy human interaction and are known to lovingly follow after their owners, gently nudging them for snuggles. 

However, not all tortoises are behemoths. The red-footed tortoise is an example of a medium-sized species. Rarely exceeding a foot in length, these relatively tiny tortoises are much easier to house and handle. Still, tortoises require spacious enclosures, which makes these animals better suited to those who have a home with a yard. Those who have the means to keep these uncommon pets will find themselves well rewarded. Tortoises make for intelligent and affectionate pets that are easy to feed and quite straightforward to care for. 

4. Reptile Supplies 

If your gift recipient has their hands and home already full of snakes, lizards, or tortoises, then reptile supplies are a fantastic and practical gift that is sure to be welcomed. Bulbs, heating pads, substrate, decor–these are all the sorts of things that reptile owners will need on a regular basis. The specifics of what they will need might depend on the reptile species they keep. Still, any sort of supplies is always beneficial to have on hand. 

Do your research beforehand about the ideal supplies for specific species, and you are guaranteed to make their Christmas bright. Don’t already know which reptiles they keep (and have no discreet way of figuring it out)? There are plenty of generic reptile supplies that can be used nearly universally.

5. Reptile Food

A similar vein to reptile supplies is stuffing your loved one’s stocking with reptile food is a must for any kind of pet. It’s a practical gift even for the cold-blooded animals that eat infrequently. Once again, knowing the specific animal species is ideal. However, simply knowing the basics about what reptiles eat can steer you in the right direction. 

Snakes are largely carnivorous creatures whose diets primarily consist of rodents, birds, or small mammals. In captivity, nearly all pet owners rely on the use of frozen rodents which are convenient to store and use. Frozen rodents are also cost-efficient and much safer for a snake. However, frozen mice and rats are available in a range of sizes. The rule of thumb is that a snake’s food should be no larger than its widest point. Therefore, picking out the right one requires knowledge of the snake’s size. 

Most lizards are omnivorous and eat insects and plant-based foods. A rare few lizards are carnivorous. However, these tend to be larger lizards that typically aren’t kept by a casual reptile owner. Others, like iguanas, are fully vegetarian, but this is just as uncommon. As such, yummy insects like mealworms, wax worms, and crickets are widely available and are guaranteed to be useful.



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